FAQs - General

1) Why invest in a Mutual Fund?

2) What information must I receive before buying mutual funds in general and Atlas Funds in particular?

3) How does a fund produce income for the investors?

4) How do I find out how my mutual fund is performing?

5) Is my principal protected?

6) Can I lose principal in a Mutual Funds Investment?

7) Should I Invest funds that I will need shortly?

8) How do I decide which Mutual Fund I should invest in?

9) How many investments does a typical fund have?

10) What types of investments are in the mutual funds?

11) How can I purchase units?

12) How are the units priced?

13) What documentation will I receive?

14) What happens to the income received by the mutual fund?

15) How can I keep track of my investments?

16) What are the charges that could be applicable to me?

17) How long do I need to hold my units?

18) How do I make withdrawals?

FAQs - Atlas Pension

Section 1 - Pension Funds / Plans in General

1) What is a pension fund?

2) What are different types of pension plans?

Section 2 - Atlas Pensions

1) What is Atlas Pensions?

2) Who can join Atlas Pensions?

3) What are the governing laws pertaining to Atlas Pensions?

4) What are the advantages of joining Atlas Pensions?

5) How do Atlas Pensions work?

6) What is an Individual Pension Account?

7) What are the Allocation Schemes?

8) Can I change my Allocation Scheme?

9) How much risk should I take with my money?

10) When can Participants receive their Account Statement?

Section 3 - Retirement

1) What is the retirement procedure?

Section 4 - Withdrawal before Retirement

1) What happens if a participant wants to withdraw his/her accumulated balance from Pension Fund?

2) What is the procedure for early withdrawal (i.e. withdrawal of accumulated balance)?

Section 5 - Death

1) What happens incase of death of a Participant?

2) What are the options available to the Participant's successor in case of death of the participant?

3) What is the procedure for redemption of Units in the event of death of the Participant?

Section 6 - Insurance

1) Is there any insurance coverage extended to Participants?

Section 7 - Taxation

1) What is the tax credit allowed on contributions made in Atlas Pensions?

2) What is the procedure for claiming tax credit?