Investment Advisory Services3

Investment Advisory Services are designed for managing discretionary or non-discretionary portfolios for both institutional and High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) clients and include the business of advising others as to the value of securities or as to the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling of securities.

Atlas Asset Management Limited believes that each investor is unique and requires a different portfolio allocation depending on their individual liquidity requirements, return expectations, risk appetite and investment horizon.

We will steer you towards your most valued financial goals; capital preservation, capital growth/appreciation, and/or regular income or any particular target return on investments that you wish to achieve. Your portfolio of investments and the asset allocation will be custom-made according to your needs and requirements.

The choice is yours:

You can delegate your investment decisions and portfolio monitoring to us or we can over you support in making investment decisions. In doing so, we over you reliable guidance as you navigate the world of the financial markets. We recognize developments, weigh up opportunities and risks and keep them on our radar at all times.

We provide individualized Discretionary & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory Services to Institutional Clients as well as HNWIs. Our Investment Advisory Services include:


Your portfolio – steered by us

Professional portfolio management

Your investments will be managed by our professional Portfolio Management Team. They’ll utilize some of the best research and capabilities to help you achieve your financial ambitions. Portfolio management will be driven by the client’s investment objective, permissible instrument choices, asset allocation and risk profile.

More time for you

A convenient, low-maintenance solution – in line with your financial objectives. This approach allows you to concentrate on your business and personal needs, confident in the knowledge that your assets are being expertly managed.


Your portfolio – executed by us

Drive your own portfolio

For those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments, we offer the non-discretionary investment management service whereby we contact clients to advise and discuss investment matters. No transactions are carried out without the client’s approval.

Ease of execution

You can execute trades through our Portfolio Management Team.


Your decisions – with our expert support and recommendations

Advice to suit you

Our Portfolio Management Team will consider your experience, ambitions, personal circumstances and risk profile, and tailor their advice accordingly. Once they’ve discussed their recommendations with you in detail, any final decisions will be down to you.

Resources and Capabilities

You’ll be kept abreast of the latest trends and themes – and our Portfolio Management Team will make sure you’re alerted of any opportunities that arise. And, while the decisions are always down to you, our Portfolio Management Team will support you with regular updates, reports and recommendations.

Every Client is unique and so will be there goals. Your investment strategy needs to reflect the following:




Time Horizon

Risk Profile

Our way of working is designed to help you reach your financial goals. You work with us to define your objectives; your expectations, the limits to be met and the risks to be avoided.

Your work is then done. But it’s when ours really starts. Our Investment Advisory Services operate within a framework you determine and utilizes our strong investment experience to identify the best investments for you.

We will monitor and manage the investment solutions developed for you, so that they can be kept current with your changing needs. Regular reviews, along with comprehensive reporting, will let you know where you stand, and help you understand the reasons for any adjustments that are recommended. We will discuss your investment strategy, provide analysis of the impact of changing market conditions and take appropriate action. And whenever you inform us regarding changes in your requirements, you can be confident that your plan will be re-evaluated and any necessary adjustments to your investment strategy will be made.


Information-gathering and in-depth discussions give us a clear understanding of your liquidity requirements, return expectation, risk appetite and investment horizon.


A formal re-cap of our understanding of your financial priorities, needs and opportunities ensures that we are in agreement.

Determine Solutions

We work as a team to develop integrated, comprehensive and customized financial solutions.

Present Solutions

The solutions along with clear recommendations and action plans, are shared with clients.

Implement Solutions

We follow through to ensure timely implementation of all solutions you have agreed to.

Ongoing Management & Review

We contact you regularly to discuss your progress, review any changes to your situation and implement changes as required.

  • Opportunity for portfolio customization as per client’s investment objectives.
  • Access to professional, experienced and qualified portfolio management team.
  • Dynamic asset allocation which allows you to take advantage of emerging opportunities and manage risk.Transparency of portfolio holdings and transactions.
  • Client engagement and trust.
  • Portfolio monitoring & oversight.