Investment Plans

Atlas Bachat Growth Islamic Plan

Atlas Bachat Growth Islamic Plan focuses on providing long term capital growth. It is ideal for investors with a longterm horizon and a moderate to high tolerance for risk and fluctuations in investment value. Through the Atlas Bachat Growth Islamic Plan, the investments are diversified to help ensure more consistent performance and improved risk management.

Plan Type : Open-ended
Dealing Days : Monday to Friday
Front-end Load : As per the Offering Documents of the underlying Funds
Minimum Investment : Rs. 5,000/-
Frequency of Investments : Monthly (Recommended)
Payment to : CDC-Trustee Atlas Funds
Reallocation between Funds : Yearly or earlier in the event there is a 10% variation in the allocation percentages/quarterly upon request
Dividend Distribution* : As per the constitutive documents of the underlying Funds
Shariah Advisor : Dr. Mufti Hassan Ashraf Usmani
* Dividend can be paid through issue of additional units of underlying funds by way of re-investment which are redeemable. Dividend can also be paid through direct transfer to the investors’ bank account or through dividend warrant sent at the registered address of the investor.

The Atlas Bachat Growth Islamic Plan offers the benefits of growth through higher potential returns by primarily investing in the Atlas Islamic Stock Fund (AISF) along with some exposure in the Atlas Islamic Income Fund (AIIF). The Plan provides benefit of lower risk from diversification and growth potential through a single investment.

Target Asset Mix

  • AIIF 15 %
  • AISF 85 %
  • Long term horizon
  • High risk tolerance