Atlas Islamic Dividend Plan

Atlas Islamic Dividend Plan under Atlas Islamic Fund of Funds (AIFOF) was established by a Trust Deed dated 3rd September, 2018, between Atlas Asset Management Limited (AAML) as Management Company and Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) as Trustee.
The Atlas Islamic Dividend Plan is a Shariah Compliant Allocation Plan under the Atlas Islamic Fund of Funds and primarily aims to earn competitive high returns through dynamic asset allocation between Shariah Compliant Income based Collective Investment Schemes and Shariah compliant Money Market based Collective Investment Scheme and Shariah Compliant / Islamic banks / Islamic banks window saving Accounts, while aiming to provide Dividend to the investors on the basis of profit earned / appreciation in NAV. Daily Dividend received by the Unit Holder(s) shall be REINVESTED.
Plan Launch Date : March 16th, 2020
Plan Type : Open-ended Islamic Fund of Funds
Dealing Days : Monday to Friday
Front End Load : Nil
Back End Load : Nil
Pricing Mechanism : Forward Pricing
Management Fee : No Management fee in case of investment is made in Collective Investment Scheme (CIS). However, the AAML shall be entitled to an accrued remuneration equal to an amount not exceeding 1.0% of average Annual Net Assets, within allowed expense ratio limit in case investment is made in Cash/ Near Cash instruments, savings and term deposits made with Islamic banks or Islamic banking windows of commercial banks.
Duration : The Duration of the Allocation Plan is Perpetual.
Risk Profile : Medium
Trustee : Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC)
Registrar : ITMinds Limited
Financial Year Ending : June 30
Minimum Investment : Rs.5,000/- (and Rs.1,000 thereafter)
Shariah Advisor : Dr. Mufti Muhammad Wasie
AIFOF Benchmark : The benchmark of each allocation Plan will be the weighted average return of KMI-30 Index, Six months average deposit rates of three (3)-A rated Islamic Banks or Islamic windows and Three (3) months average deposit rates of Three (3) AA rated Islamic Banks or Islamic windows of conventional bank as Selected by MUFAP based on the actual proportion of investment in Equity, Income and Money Market Schemes by the respective allocation Plan.
AIFOF Benchmark :
Name of Allocation Plans Cash & Near Cash* Dedicated Shariah Compliant Equity Schemes Shariah Compliant Income Schemes Shariah Compliant Money Market Schemes
Atlas Islamic Dividend Plan (AIDP) Minimum 10% Up to 90% Up to 90%
*Cash at Bank accounts of Islamic Banks and licensed Islamic Banking windows of conventional Banks (excluding TDRs) and GOP Ijarah Sukuk not exceeding 90 days remaining maturity
  • Plan offered under Atlas Islamic Fund of Funds
  • 20% Tax Credit as per Section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Daily Dividend
  • No holding period; Investors are entitled to profits even if they invest for a day
  • Under the guidance of Shariah Advisor Dr. Mufti Muhammad Wasie